English philology Studies in English

The English Studies programme (studies in English) encompasses practical English language training from upper-intermediate B2 (CEFR) up to advanced C1, which enables effective communication in the English-speaking world. Besides practical classes, delivered by experienced academic teachers, English Studies students gain expertise in the nature of English, its history, culture and literature of English-speaking countries.
All instruction is delivered exclusively in English.
Studying takes 3 years (6 semesters) and results in obtaining a BA degree (licencjat).
Studies will prepare you for work with:
– national and international companies,
– government and non-government organisations,
– diplomacy,
– tourism,
– hotel industry,
and also anywhere where practical English skills are required without a need to have additional professional qualifications to perform your job responsibilities.
BA English studies (licentiate), including this studies in English programme, will also prepare you to undertake studies at an upper level (MA), also on offer at Ateneum – University in Gdansk, Neophilological Department.
All classes, test and exams are in English.
Example modules
Practical English training courses: lexis, conversations, phonetics, writing, practical grammar, language project, specialist vocabulary, language in the professional environment.
Degree related courses: introduction to linguistics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, contrastive grammar, introduction to literature studies, British and American literature history, British and US history and culture as well as monograph lectures on a variety of degree related topics.
In preparation for graduation students take such courses as research methods and diploma seminar.
The English Studies Programme – Studies in English has been created for pragmatic reasons and is primarily aimed at students who do not speak Polish and/or make a conscious choice to study exclusively in English. 
English the exclusive language of instruction, examinations and tests for this programme.
The University also offers our languages programmes students opportunities to spend a semester studying at our partner universities in Europe under the Erasmus+ programme. Destinations include countries such as Sweden, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Croatia.
All English Studies programmes students can also join academic societies where they can develop greater expertise, make new contacts and participate in the life of the University.
We are open to students with different disabilities. There are various teaching and learning aids available which facilitate studying, and the University has been adapted for students requiring mobility assistance.
Our student also have access to a careers office where you can find help looking for an internship, apprenticeships and work. The office in collaboration with academic business incubators also organises professional development trainings and workshops to help our students enter the job market.
As an English Studies graduate you will have developed a variety of skills and abilities, e.g. in linguistics, in particular applied linguistics aimed at developing general language skills, oral and written, as well as in literature studies, cultural studies, history and politics of English-speaking countries.
When you graduate you will be knowledgeable in modern civilizational circumstances and political history of Great Britain and USA. Interdisciplinary competencies acquired during studying will allow you to apply your linguistic knowledge and fluent language skills as well as your communication competencies in English-speaking countries within various areas of science and social life as well as market environments.
You will also have been prepared comprehensively to undertake a master’s programme within English Studies and/or other postgraduate programmes on offer at Ateneum.
Study cost

Payment system

10 installments in academic year

per semester


850 zł

4200 zł


Tel: 784 374 410